Transferable Legal Skills Training + Work Experience Options.

  • No previous knowledge of law or experience in legal work is required to benefit and enjoy this training provision.
  • A transferable legal skills and court training course which includes live training inside the High Court, London.
  • Due to the transferable skills learned, this free course can help you if you are seeking a career change, or a promotion.

  • You will be eligible to apply for free membership of the IOP (the Institute of Paralegals) - a legal professional body.
  • If eligible you can do law based work experience and get a job reference, all arranged by us and through us.
  • Guildhall University law department, Ministry of Defence Legal Services department, Law firms, inside and outside London have, in the past, asked us to provide their staff and students with our Legal Skills & Court Training programme. Other universities, such as Birkbeck, Bristol, John Moores, Middlesex, UEL, and Westminster have also invited us to teach our legal skills course on campus.
  • Free Training: Just Download or Attend High Court Training First.

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