FREE: Legal SkillsTraining - Civil

For the unemployed and students. Work Experience, Job References Optional.

Course Details

No previous knowledge of law is required to take this free training course.

This highly interesting and practical free legal training course, is in 2 parts. A live training class at the Royal Courts of Justice (the High Court) London. Then there is a home study training session which can be completed in your own time e.g. 1 week or 8 weeks. The training material is provided by way of a download. The training revolves around real case examples and is both very engaging as well as informative. Training classes at the High Court are held every week on Mondays and Wednesdays. When registering choose your preferred Start Date.

Course Purpose

This free training opportunity is suitable for:

a/ Those who do not want to work in law but who do want to improve their job prospects generally. Having legal skills training on a CV will definitely raise a prospective employer's level of interest no matter what type of job is being applied for e.g. non law related employment. In addition to the training you will be able to add to your CV membership to the Institute of Paralegals - a professional body. Further to these two you may be able to enhance your CV further if you are, or if you become eligible, to participate on our flexible work experience programme as an International Court Tieal Reporter. If you get onto our flexible work experience programme you will be eligible to a work based job reference from the school and can add the school as a Job Reference provider to your CV - see a CV example

b/  Those who are not 100% certain if working in law is really for them.

c/  Those who want to start working in law but who need a foot hold to help get started up the legal ladder. This free legal training course adequately prepares a person to work as an outdoor clerk/legal assistant for law firms engaged in civil litigation. To work in the litigation section of a law department of a non law related company or organisation , e.g. London Transport. Or to work within the Court system i.e. County Courts, Magistrate Courts, Crown Courts and even the High Court. It will also be of great benefit to those seeking work as a legal secretary, para-legal secretary or paralegal.

Course Content

The first part of this free course covers the essential and critical area of taking down and carrying out instructions that a solicitor may give you. The reason why this is so important is because once you have left the solicitor's office and are at the court house you are to a large extent on your own. Wrong decisions or conclusions can have dire consequences on the solicitor's client's case. In addition, you will learn court procedures and the duties, skills and principles needed in carrying out solicitor's instructions. Also, how to assist Counsel (the barrister) in Civil Trials will also be looked at. Note: this free course does not include free Job Cover Insurance.

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